Samsung Galaxy S7, latest leak reveals weekly presentation

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is still six months away from hitting UK shelves – but there is no shortage of rumours surrounding the upcoming Samsung handset.

Samsung is believed to be developing a pressure sensitive display for its next generation Galaxy smartphone.

The South Korean technology firm has approached Synaptics, which has developed a 3D Touch alternative called ClearForce.

The ClearForce technology will be used to control scrolling speeds with pressure, add new ways to zoom and pan over photographs, summon hidden contextual menus, according to Synaptics.

Unfortunately the success of the technology depends on the implementation by popular Android manufacturers like Samsung and HTC.

Different Android manufacturers could use the technology in different ways too.

This could lead to a dramatically different experience on Samsung, as opposed to HTC, for example.

Google would have to incorporate pressure sensitive technology within its pure version of Android to create some consistency.




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